Health Hazard Reclassifications

There is continuing and increasing scrutiny of the health and safety hazards associated with chemical exposures.  This scrutiny, much of which at present is the result of the European Union’s REACh (and Classification and Labeling – CLP regulations) which continuously accumulates data on chemical safety and health, frequently results in the health/safety hazard re-classification of chemical substances – including substances used in printing inks.

Recently, three photoiniators/amine synergists used in some printing inks were reclassified to a more restrictive health hazard.   Read more on the NAPIM Members’ website


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FDA Clarifies Foreign Supplier Verification Enforcement

January 2018 The  Food and  Drug Administration has issued enforcement guidance related to the Foreign Supplier Verification requirements (for food contact materials) of the Food Safety Modernization Act.   Please visit the Food Packaging Safety page on the  NAPIM members’ website.

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REACh Tonnage Band Transition

The allowable exportation/importation limit to the EU without REACh registration transitions to the 1-100 tpy range as of May 31, 2018.   Companies exporting non-exempt chemicals/mixtures, etc.  into the EU should insure that appropriate registrations have been completed.   If you have any questions please contact George Fuchs at the NAPIM office.REACH

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May 2018 – Supply Disruption for Important Photoinitiator for UV Inks and Coatings

A  plant manufacturing an essential precursor for the production  of a critically important photoinitiator is causing major  problems for the inks and coatings industry.  Read detailed information in Ink World’s blog post on this issue:

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The Power of Print

The power of print – an infographic

High resolution version available here:


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Direct Mail Resurgence


The Resurgence of Direct Mail

If the ultimate objective of any marketing effort is to motivate action, then printed direct mail is the gold standard.

Consider for a moment the number of marketing messages consumers are exposed to each day — combined with the saturation of digital media — and it’s no wonder print offers the chance to cut through the clutter.

With innovations in print technologies, workflow automation and personalization, marketers are re-embracing direct mail as a way to achieve more relevant, customized communications.

Key Stats and Opportunities


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Power of Print


The New Power of Printed Catalogs

By Carro Ford|Mar 27, 2018|Books and Manuals, catalog, Cross-Media, Direct Mail, Grow Your Business, Thought Leadership|0 Comments

Guest post by Shelley Sweeney, Vice President/General Manager Service Bureau/Direct Marketing @shelleysweeney 

Direct mail isn’t the only “old school marketing” tool getting second looks today. Catalogs are also experiencing a revival. From a hyper-focus on digital marketing, the pendulum is swinging back to printed pieces like direct mail and catalogs. And they’re working.

In both B2B and B2C markets, printed catalogs have experienced a surprising resurgence as brands and marketers realize their power to impact buyer behavior. The catalog has been resurrected, and for marketers, it’s looking better than ever. In fact, these Cinderella pieces bear scant resemblance to traditional catalogs with page after page of product shots.

Marketers with money are turning to catalogs, but it’s not your father’s catalog. Think of a cross between coffee table book and high-end fashion magazine. Today’s generation of catalogs appeal to consumer lifestyles, and with so much marketing experienced online, catalogs stand out in the physical realm. They hang around for a while in the buyer’s life. Catalogs tell stories. They suggest ideas.



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Raw Materials Data Handbook Vol. 4 Pigments

rmdhThe  National Printing Ink Research  Institute has partnered with the Color  Pigments Manufacturers Association in updating the Raw Materials  Data  Handbook Volume 4 Pigments  3rd Edition.   This invaluable reference source provides an  unequalled depth of technical data and information on organic and inorganic pigments used in printing inks.   This  RMDH version has been extensively reviewed by technical  experts within the graphic arts field to insure that it provides accurate and  up to date information.

This extensively cross-referenced volume contains detailed, printing  ink  pigment-related regulatory, chemical structure,  UV spectral information and  technical  data that is  critically important to anyone working in the graphic arts field.    Ink formulators, graphic  designers, printers,  packaging specialists and  others will find the  RMDH Vol 4 Pigments to be a “must have” technical reference.

Contact Deepa George at the NAPIM office for ordering information.

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FDA Clarifies BPA Safety

On February 23, 2018 FDA issued a statement clarifying their position on the safe use of BPA.   The full statement is available here:

FDA Statement



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Catalogs Alive and Well in the Digital Age

Despite the ongoing focus on all things digital, the stalwart catalog continues to hold its own as a key marketing tool for many merchants, nearly all respondent marketers to the 2018 MCM Outlook survey – 84.2% – said they continue to use it as a channel for reaching their customers.


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