2013 Technical Achievement and TAM Service Award Winners

Red leafJerry Napiecek – Colorcon No-Tox Products was awarded the 2013 Technical Achievement Award at the 2013 NPIRI Technical Conference. He has served 33 years in the printing ink industry. Since 1984, he has been instrumental in the development and formulation of FDA-compliant printing inks for his company. He has designed and formulated ink systems suitable for all printing processes, and using a limited palette of raw materials.
His ink and coating systems meet the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.
Jerry has lectured at several NPIRI Summer Courses at Lehigh University. He was a Speaker at the 1999 and 2010 NPIRI Technical Conferences on food contact inks and regulations. He is often requested to give presentations on the use of package printing inks in contact with food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging.

Red leafGreg Webb – MWV was awarded the 2013 TAM Service Award at the 2013 NPIRI Technical Conference. Gregg has been a long term member of the graphic arts community having worked for both printing ink companies and suppliers supporting printing inks. He has been involved in both resin and ink formulations. As the Technical Manager of Publication Inks at his company he continues to leverage his comprehensive knowledge base in printing ink and varnish to develop products that bring value to his company and the printing ink industry. His knowledge of our industry needs and constraints translates into his strategic approach at developing new products for the industry.

NAPIM and NPIRI offer their thanks congratulations to Jerry and Greg on their selection for these prestigious industry recognition awards and for their service to the graphic communications industry.

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