GHS – Safety Data Sheet Development Webinar – January 14, 2014

Register Now For the Developing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that meet the OSHA 2012 HazCom Standard Requirements (A Two Part Webinar)

Presented By: Denise A. Deeds, Industrial Health & Safety Consultants
Webinar Objective: Provide ink manufacturers and related mixture producers with understanding of the requirements, resources, skills and methods for developing OSHA/GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets utilizing online resources, raw material supplier information and OSHA guidance. Please note that although this is a two part webinar, if you miss part one you will still be able to register for part two (the price will not change).
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    • Attendees will benefit with an increased understanding of the 2012 HazCom Standard’s safety data sheet requirements which will permit them to begin developing their own SDS’s
    • They will understand how to evaluate SDS’s from their raw material suppliers and obtain information from the internet, and how to translate the information into company SDS.
    • Through an understanding of the OSHA regulation, they will know the requirements of the regulation, and also have an understanding of possible ways to streamline the production of SDS for their company.
    • Create Safety Data Sheets for Ink Systems.
    • Evaluate Raw Materials Supplier Safety Data Sheets.
    • Knowledge of internet based data resources.
    • Methods to simplify and streamline GHS that fit their company product lines.
    • Understand how to use the mixture rules to classify mixtures for health hazards based on formulation data
    • Translate classification into product labels and consistent hazard and precautionary information for the SDS

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