Avoiding HazCom GHS Paralysis…. A Roadmap to a Successful Program Webinar

There will be a two-part webinar on compliance with HazCom/GHS requirements on March 10 and 12.   This webinar will provide:

  1. status on OSHA’s compliance enforcement position relative to the June 1, 2015 deadline for SDS and GHS labeling;
  2. options for  developing a successful, compliant program with incomplete supplier information

This webinar evolved on the basis of numerous questions and concerns from downstream users/processors of chemical compounds who rely upon supplier hazard classification information to develop GHS compliant labels and SDS’s. Confusion has arisen because base chemical producers (i.e. raw material suppliers) and downstream users (e.g. ink and coatings manufacturers) are on identical compliance schedules.   These webinars will outline  options for developing  appropriate programs under the current situation.

You can register  for these webinars here.

The outline for these webinars was developed with assistance from RadTech and SGIA. 

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