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New Research Reveals Direct Mail to be Most Credible Form of Media Outreach Among Voters

  • Jan 31, 2018
  • By Elena Neely


Establishing credibility with voters has never been a more important – and challenging – task for campaigns.

That’s why the United States Postal Service® commissioned a voter survey in the aftermath of last November’s Virginia gubernatorial race. The intent was to explore voter attitudes and beliefs on the efficacy and authenticity of different forms of political outreach.

The results were fascinating and informative. But perhaps what stood out most was that voters ranked direct mail as the most credible form of political advertising.

Among many findings, the survey found that 68% of all surveyed voters ranked direct mail among their three most credible forms of political outreach. This outpaced competing forms of political outreach such as TV (59%), in home visits (47%) and digital ads (26%).

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