NAPIM Submits Comments on State Environmental Regulations – 2018

February  2018 NAPIM has submitted comments on two proposed state regulations that have the potential to affect graphic arts operations in the respective states:

  • Washington State House Bill 2658 would restrict/limit the use of perfluorocompounds in packaging applications.   NAPIM commented that the regulatory definition used in the proposed rule be re-written to exclude compounds like PTFE and other similar materials.
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NY DEC) proposed amendments to 6 NYCRR 226-2.  This rule would restrict the volatile content solvents used in ink manufacturing  operations to 50 mg/l.  NAPIM’s comments requested that ink/coatings manufacturers be excluded from the  requirement.

Please contact George Fuchs at the NAPIM  office if you have any questions.


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