Art Franke Passes Away

FrankeResizeIt is with great sadness that  we report that long time ink industry stalwart Art Franke (10/26/1928 – 7/25/2018) has passed away.

Arthur G. Franke joined Acme Printing Ink Company, in Chicago in 1948.  He started work for Acme Chicago as an inplant operator and quickly worked his way up to General Manager of the Mason Ave. plant in Chicago.  His exceptionally well-rounded career includes service in almost every phase of the ink business.  He served his company in both laboratory and production positions and in 1963 he was made President for the Colormaster Ink Co. (Hallmark Cards Offset Printing Ink,  manufactured by Acme Printing inks).  The Colormaster inks were exclusively made for Hallmark Cards and were specifically used to print all Hallmark greeting cards at that time.

During his career he was a mentor and a teacher, not only to great companies like Hallmark Cards and many others but to hundreds of employees of Acme and Inx International. Art Franke was truly a profound expert in the manufacturing of printing inks and has brought many skills to current and past INX employees.  If you did not learn something new from Art Franke, you were not listening.

He had always encouraged his people to participate in NAPIM and NPIRI technical activities and has the distinction of attending the very first NPIRI summer course in printing ink technology at Lehigh University.  During his role on the Board of Directors for INX, Art also served as President of Knight Colors Dispersion Company.  Art served as a Senior Advisor to INX International before retiring from INX in January of 2004.

Art is survived by his 4 children, Lucinda, Don, Dan, and Lelinda (Lindy).  During his career he introduced his daughter Lindy, and both sons, Don and Dan to the printing ink industry while they worked at the Kansas City plant.  Lindy is still with INX today, and Dan is currently working for another Kansas City ink company.  Art was preceded in death by his wife, Marvaleen




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