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2014 Ault Award - Jerry Mosley - American Inks and Coatings
Jerry Mosley

Jerry Mosley is truly a pioneer as well as an icon in our industry. In the late 1960s, he was asked to take a manufacturing job with CP&W Inks in Pine Bluff, AR. Through hard work, he moved into the lab, managerial positions and sales, and with forethought he invested in the company, which was bought out by PPG in the early 1980s. After a year, he retired for the first time, but the lure of the ink industry called him back, and he formed Progressive Ink in 1985. By the mid-1990s, Progressive was a $50 million company, and Mr. Mosley sold it to Alper Ink Group and headed back to retirement. By 2001, he again returned to the ink industry, forming the Packaging Ink Company, and acquiring American Inks & Coatings a year later and consolidated both. Today, American Inks & Coatings has $85 million in sales and is still growing.

He is a long-time supporter of NAPIM and NPIRI, from back during his at Progressive Ink through today, and encourages his employees to do the same. Since 2010, he has been a member of the NAPIM’s Board of Directors, where he puts great effort to find ways to strengthen NAPIM and the printing ink industry.

He is a strong believer in the importance of trade associations. Outside of his efforts on behalf of NAPIM, American Inks & Coatings is an active member of the FPA, FTA, PLGA, TAPPI and PSSMA, where he has served as a committee member. He also is a tireless worker behind the scenes for the betterment of the printing and ink industries.

Throughout the years, Jerry has continuously showed his entrepreneurial spirit by starting up new companies and bringing the best possible quality and service to his customers while giving his employees a great place to work.

2014 Printing Ink Pioneers
Maurice Carruthers Sun Chemical Pigments Maurice Carruthers needs no introduction. He has been a loyal dedicated steward to the global ink industry for over 30 years. He has worked in all phases of the pigment, flush and dispersions: including development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. He was instrumental in the development work of Flexiverse dispersions which became a game changing product line in the 1980’s for the transition from solvent to water for packaging inks. He has served as the official representative for his organization for NAPIM for many years as well as contributed on many committees for NAPIM, FTA and CPMA. Maurice also received the 2014 Metro New York Printing Ink Production Club Man of the Year award in April 2014.

Richard Czarnecki Micro Powders With over 25 years of experience Rich Czarnecki winner began his career as a lab technician. With his MS degree in Engineering Science he worked his way up through the technical ranks and has directed research and product development activities for solvent and water based flexo and gravure laminating inks as well as designed and commercialized novel broad-based platform polymers and materials that were incorporated into new ink products introduced in North America and Canada. Rich has served as Vice President and President of NPIRI’s Board of Directors. He has also represented NAPIM as a member and most recently as Chairman of ASTM committees D01.56 (Printing Inks) and D01.37 (Printing Ink Vehicles). He has served as an Editorial Advisory Board Member – Ink World Magazine and as a Member of many committees including American Chemical Society, American Coatings Association, Radtech and TAPPI. He jointly holds seven US patents.

Gregg Dahleen Central Ink Gregg Dahleen is truly an “inky”. He comes from a family history in the ink business and has ink is in his veins. 32 years ago he started his ink career painting the walls of a small ink plant while learning how to make ink. From there he became an In-Plant Tech at a carton printer where he sharpened his knowledge and customer problem solving skills. He worked his way up to Lab Technician working closely with some of the great leaders in the ink industry. He became Lab Manager in Chicago and assisted in developing inks for printing alcohol free. He moved on to a major player in the heatset and coldset printing market and worked for another pioneer in the business. He has been a very loyal and dedicated member of NAPIM for many years. He has attended NPIRI Summer Course as well as sent many other young lab technicians to the course. He has been a long and active member of the Chicago Printing Ink Litho Club. He is a person who has worked his entire career within the ink/printing industry. He has worked his wayfrom painting walls in an ink plant to inplant technician, lab technician, Lab Manager, sales representative to VP of Sales & Marketing to President of one of the larger Ink companies in North America. He is truly an Inky!

Dave Klebine Apollo ColorsDave Klebine is no stranger to our industry and has worked for 30 year in the graphic arts industry. He has been a very loyal and dedicated member of NAPIM for many years. He is a graduate of the NPIRI Summer Course and has been a strong supporter by sending speakers to participate in the courses for many years. He has been an active member of the Chicago Printing Ink Litho Club. He has served on many of our allied association, CPMA committees over the years including as the Chairman of Waste Stream Committee, where they successfully challenged the EPA proposed rule to categorize all organic pigment manufacturing waste stream as hazardous. He was Board Advisor to Diarylide Pigments Committee that convinced the EPA to exclude diarylide pigments from recently issued Chemical Action Plan for Benzidine Dyes and as a Board Member, he testified at hearing of United States International Trade Commission that led to withdrawal of petition that would have resulted in duty free importation of organic pigments.

Jim La Rocca Superior Printing Ink Jim LaRocca’s printing ink career has spanned forty-four years. He is a graduate of the New York School of Printing. His printing ink career starting as a color matcher, moving rapidly he developed his technical knowledge he became a formulator and a Lead Project Technician, where he directed his technical staff to develop specialized products, including sublimation, plastisol and decal heat transfer products. He has been a Technical Service Representative, Branch Manager, and a Regional Manager that helped him develop his commitment to customer service. Over the many years of service his responsibilities continued to expand and now encompass the entire corporation as a Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. During his career he has served as Secretary Treasurer of the Philadelphia Printing Ink Production Club, as a member of the Philadelphia Litho Club and the Lehigh Valley Litho Club. He is currently a member of the Ink World Magazine editorial advisory board and a current member of NAPlM's Board of Directors.

James Putney Sun Chemical Jim Putney has contributed on the business and technical side with ongoing customer support from a sales / business & technical perspective. He has contributed from a technical perspective in the areas of color management, ink dispensing technology & pressroom consumables. On the customer side he has worked with various accounts to add value and help drive customer business. He has been a speaker and contributor for various industry association events including FFTA, GAA, PLGA, GATF and NPIRI. He was an integral part of the US patents/extensions on color communication which became the back-bone of what is now PantoneLive and the Global Shade Library. I am pleased to present NAPIM’s Printing Ink Pioneer Award to Jim Putney of Sun Chemical North American Inks.

Rick Westrom INX International Ink CompanyRick Westrom has progressed through many different roles and has expertise in all the aspects of our Industry which truly allows him to be nominated and awarded one of the 2014 Printing Ink Pioneer Awards. He started in the Ink Industry in 1974. His first position was in the Quality Control lab and moved into additional laboratory positions including offset, gravure and flexo. He worked in production where he learned all aspects of manufacturing and the equipment necessary to produce good products. His much deserved promotions included over the years Offset Lab Technician, General Manager of a major manufacturing site, and Vice President of Operations for the Liquid Division where he was overseeing all Liquid Manufacturing facilities for his company. Because of his great overall technical knowledge and his dedication to the company and our industry, it did not take long before he was promoted again in to Vice President of Strategic Sourcing for the entire company. Recently his role and responsibility expanded again when he was named the Rand D Director and current title is Senior Vice President Strategic Sourcing and R and D Director. He has supported and participated in NAPIM and NPIRI for many years. He has participated In the NPIRI conference on panel discussions and was on the NAPIM Convention planning committee for several years. In his role as R&D Director, he supports the NPIRI Conference and Summer Technical Courses by sending his staff and urging them to support our association by volunteering to present at these events. He participates and urges his staff to volunteer In the FTA, the GAA and TAPPI and all other Technical Associations. He is an active participant in the Chicago Printing Ink Production Club where he was award the Printing INK Person of the Year In 2011.